This Ford SUV has a feature that anyone who drives in cold weather will love

Windshield Wiper De-icerFordA video released by Ford shows off the new feature.

A first for a Ford SUV, the new Escape will include a feature sure to make life easier for drivers in wintry climates.

A windshield wiper de-icer, a small heating element that keeps the vital items from freezing to the windshield or from icing over.

They also stop the wipers from creating streaks across the windshield.

The feature is by no means a new one — here’s a patent from 1973 — but it is only becoming common in recent years.

“The windshield wiper de-icer is a great solution to one of the more nagging problems of winter,” Jennifer Gauthier, a Ford engineer, said in a press release. “Escape drivers in the U.S. are going to wonder how they ever got along without it.”

The feature — as part of the “Cold Weather Package” — will come standard on “Titanium” models and as an option on the SE, according to Ford.

Ford claims the de-icer works in under ten minutes at 18 degrees below zero, and the system can be activated via Ford’s “FordPass” smartphone car-connectivity app.

Users of the app can even set a timer to assure their vehicle is warmed up and ready for them at a certain time.

The 2017 Ford escape will arrive in showrooms this spring.

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