These Big Companies Secretly Favour Obama's Plan For Internet Freedom

Ups brown trucksREUTERS/Mike SegarUPS is one of the major companies that wants Title II regulation for the internet.

A handful of big corporations secretly favour the same plan for the open internet that President Obama endorsed on Monday, according to Businessweek.

Representatives from Bank of America, Visa, UPS, and Ford have all met with the FCC this summer and said they want the agency to regulate the internet so that all internet service providers (ISPs) will be forced to treat all digital content equally.

However, those representatives met with the FCC as part of a group called the Ad Hoc Telecommunications in a seeming effort to shield their identities from ISPs like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.

ISPs are against Obama’s plan to regulate the internet under something called Title II, which would regulate the internet more like telephone lines instead of allowing private companies to have full control.

These companies fear that ISPs would have too much power over what content flows over the internet, which could be potentially damaging to all companies that engage in commerce in some for or another online.

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