Ford is making a fleet of self-driving cars that can talk to you with the help of Amazon (not Google)

Ford is gearing up for a big announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which begins at 10:30 ET, but news has already begun to come out about its big reveal.

The automaker is announcing a partnership with Amazon to increase its fleet of self-driving cars in 2016 and add voice assistance and search technology with the help of Amazon Echo, Recode’s Kara Swisher and Mark Bergen report.

There were rumours that Google would be partnering with Ford but Ford’s CEO tells Swisher that’s not the case for now. But he didn’t directly deny that Ford has had talks with Google in the past.

Ford isn’t the only car manufacturer working on self-driving cars. On Monday, ride-hailing startup Lyft announced a $500 million investment from General Motors, and the companies will partner together to create fleets of autonomous vehicles.

Business Insider has a team headed to the press event for Ford and will update this post with all the major announcements that come out of it.

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