Ford Has Revealed Just How Much The Battery In The Focus Electric Costs

Ford Focus Electric Car

Photo: Courtesy Ford

Car manufacturers tend to keep the exact pricing of the battery packs in electric vehicles a closely guarded secret.But, according to Fox News, Ford CEO Alan Mulally told a forum the battery packs inside the new Focus Electric cost around $12-15,000 a piece.

The hefty expense of the electric battery packs definitely explains the price premium for the Focus Electric. While the gasoline powered car regularly sells in the low $20,000 range, the Focus Electric costs nearly $40,000.

The battery packs are worth more than half of a normal Focus. However, over time the cost of the battery packs will come down. Manufacturers, as well as the Department of Energy, are putting heavy investments and incentives into bringing the costs of battery packs down.

Over the next few years, look for the premium the Focus Electric commands, as well as other electric vehicles, to become smaller until it is virtually non-existent.

Now, if they can just increase the 100-mile range and reduce charging times, the electric cars may begin to come to the fore for the average car buyer.

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