Ford has nabbed an extra 2000 Mustangs for Aussie buyers

The classic big V8 engine is in high demand. Photo: Supplied

To keep up with the ridiculous demand for the new Mustang, Ford has secured an extra 2000 cars from its US factory to help bring down the nearly two-year wait list for some models.

On top of this, a bunch of these extra cars that are badged as MY17 models will feature Ford’s latest Sync 3 infotainment system which packs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The extra cars will be landing on Australian shores towards the end of 2016, which will bring down the wait period which currently extends to the end of 2017. Ford currently has over 6000 orders on the books, which is 25% more than they originally anticipated, so the extra cars will certainly help.

Sales for the car began at the start of this year, but such strong demand for it led the entire 2016 allocation being sold out before anyone even got to take one for a test drive.

Ford says that the majority of sales so far have been the V8 fastback model, but in February over 40% of convertibles sold were the four-cylinder Ecoboost model, a big jump from initial demand.

Unfortunately for existing owners and those who already have their car in production, they won’t receive any of the MY17 updates which includes a spare wheel on top of the Sync 3 system. Interestingly, Ford says that it’s not possible to update from Sync 2 to Sync 3 as it’s not just a simple software update, but a whole new system.

There are no price changes for the updated Mustang.