Ford (F) Vows To Kick SUV Habit Even If Gas Prices Drop

Now that gas is just a hair under $4 a gallon, US carmakers will go right back to making millions of SUVs, right? Not so says Ford (F), they’ve learned their lesson, finally (Reuters):

Ford Motor Co’s (F) plan to overhaul its North American operations to produce more cars remains unchanged amid recent declines in gas prices, a top executive said on Tuesday.

Of course $3.99 gas is still expensive. We’ll see how long that ‘fewer gas guzzlers’ pledge lasts if gas falls back to $2.

Ford is talking a good game, though. They won’t even admit they’re praying for gas prices to plummet:

“In general, if oil prices come down, that will be a good thing,” Mark Fields, Ford’s president of the Americas, told reporters. “Will that be a direct correlation to helping the industry and the economy? I don’t know.”

Yes, it would certainly help the economy. And the fat margins on trucks and SUVs Ford will suddenly be able to sell again will certainly help Ford.

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Photo Courtesty of Jonathan Alcorn

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