WATCH: A New York Sweet Shop Believes Chocolate-Dipped Fruits Are The New Cupcake

Forbidden Fruit NYC‘s marketing strategy is meant to get customers hooked.

A young, happy girl stands outside the company’s MacDougal Street store with a tray of fruit dipped in Belgian chocolate. As passers-by wander past the shop and try the new snacks, they seem to instantly flood inside the store for the affordable treat. 

“I always say, once people try it, they’ll love it,” said Matthew Higginson, the creative director and manager of Forbidden Fruit NYC.

Forbidden Fruit NYC offers apples, berries, oranges, bananas, and pineapples dipped in Belgian milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, covered in sprinkles, coconut, or walnuts. Other seasonal fruits will be soon be added to the mix.

Higginson touts his $1.35-$3.75 treats as a “healthier” snack and says he hopes they’ll become a sweet trend in the fashion of doughnuts, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes. The store opened about two months ago and has seen steady foot traffic, Higginson said.

With its late night hours (it is open until 2 a.m. weeknights and 3:30 a.m. on weekends) Higginson expects even more business once nearby New York University is back in session.

“The key to success here is we have a great product, with fresh fruit and good chocolate,” Higginson said.

Everything is made on site, the same day.

The idea for Forbidden Fruit was sparked when the founders wandered into Dylan’s Candy on a Saturday, when the sweet shop’s famous chocolate fountain was running. After returning twice to taste the fruit and chocolate, they approached Higginson with the idea. He transformed it into what is now Forbidden Fruit.

Higginson said he hopes for copycats, which would be the ultimate compliment. Once Forbidden Fruit’s name is out there, he plans on expanding to other key markets in Manhattan and then to Florida and California.

The current store is small, but fresh and trendy. The lime green accent wall makes the place seem fun. Higginson said he learned a lot while designing the current store and plans to tweak the layout and presentation in future.

“As we move forward we want to make a push toward being LEED certified in our stores and adding in chocolate flavours of the month,” Higginson said. “Maybe raspberry chocolate will be next month.”

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