Forbes Doesn't Consider People On Magazine Covers Powerful

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Forbes unveiled its coveted Celebrity 100 list for 2013 crowning Oprah Winfrey as the most powerful celeb of the past year. 

What’s more interesting than the people that make the cut is Forbes’ new methodology for compiling its list of most powerful celebrities. 

In the past, magazine covers featuring prominent celebs weighed heavily as a factor of where a celeb may place on the list.  

No more. 

Forbes detailed they “scrapped” counting celeb appearances on mag covers because, according to it, they now have a larger focus on reality stars who it doesn’t consider to have what they deem as power. 

From Forbes:

“In the past, we’ve given extra weight to magazine covers based on the logic that publications only select powerful, popular people for their valuable cover space.

But that emphasis had started to reward reality stars who know how to work the tabloid media but don’t actually have what we would consider power. 

So we’ve scrapped that part of the metric.”

Instead, the publication is relying more on E-Poll Market Research to assess how desirable celebrities are to marketers.  

You can read more on how Forbes compiles its ranking here

We decided to take a look at a few big-name magazines to see who graced the covers while Forbes compiled its assessment from June 2012 – June 2013. 

We avoided publications that may be considered more tabloid-y.

From our findings, a few mag-friendly celebs were left off the list.  

Kate Upton appeared on numerous magazines over the past year and landed her first cover on American Vogue this June. The ubiquitous Rihanna came shy of the top 10 while Bond man Daniel Craig — who’s movie “Skyfall” made more than $1 billion last year — is no where to be found. 

Even Anne Hathaway, with praised performances in last year’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Les Misérables” failed to make the cut.

Circulation: 3.6 million 

January: Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Gosling, two women who lost extreme amounts of weight
February: Tim McGraw, Paula Deen, Kelly Clarkson, Robin Roberts
March: Jennifer Aniston, country singer Mindy McCready, Valerie Harper, a “Bachelor” couple
April: Katy Perry, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Kate Middleton (twice), country singer Trisha Yearwood
May: The current “Bachelor,” Gwyneth Paltrow, Ohio women Amanda Berry and Ariel Castro, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie
June: Kim Kardashian 

Vanity Fair
Circulation: 1.2 million

Marilyn Monroe
Kristen Stewart
Alec Baldwin
Kate Middleton
Katie Holmes
Daniel Craig
Kate Moss

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann
Jennifer Lawrence
Ben Affleck, Emma Stone, and Bradley Cooper
Taylor Swift
Audrey Hepburn
Brad Pitt 

Circulation: 1.3 million 

Hope Solo, Ryan Lochte, Serena Williams
Emma Stone
Marion Cotillard
Lady Gaga
Keira Knightley
Anne Hathaway 

Gwen Stefani
Rooney Mara
Michelle Obama
Carey Mulligan
Kate Upton

Rolling Stone
Circulation: 1.5 million

Taylor Momsen
Bruno Mars
Jon Hamm
Lena Dunham
Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan
Jimmy Kimmel 

Daniel Craig
Mitt Romney illustration
Bob Dylan
Rick Ross
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as their “Breaking Bad” characters
Justin Bieber

Circulation: 947,000 

Michael Fassbender
Kate Upton
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tim Tebow
Denzel Washington
Jeremy Lin

Bruce Willis
Jason Bateman
Robert Downey Jr.
James Franco

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