The Most Impressive Wall Streeters On Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 Finance List

Ryan Fusaro

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Forbes recently released its Top 30 Under 30 Finance list, highlighting the top young men and women in the industry.  Most of these upstarts are hedge fund or investment managers noted for their impressive accomplishments, and more than a few had early graduation dates.For instance, Jennifer Fan, founder of Arbalet Capital, launched a $650 million hedge fund after escaping the collapse of Arrowhead Capital Partners, graduated from NYU at only 19 and started her career at Morgan Stanley.

Another woman featured on the list, Tracy Britt, has the most desirable spot in the world of finance: right next to Warren Buffett. She serves as Financial Assistant to the Chairman at Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and is Chairman of Berkshire-owned Benjamin Moore and Larson-Juhl.

Among those recognised was Jonathan Berger, portfolio manager for Alveska Investment Group and talented student-athlete. During his time at Princeton, Jonathan played on the basketball team. He now manages an equity derivatives portfolio at this $4 billion hedge fund based out of Chicago.

Ryan Fusaro is another young gun that shot to fame in 2012.  He blew away all attendees at the Value Investing Challenge with his long recommendation of Jack In The Box, which scored first place.

Goldman Sachs has no shortage of alumni on this list, led by Matthew Peltz, who started working there the day after he graduated Yale. Since, he has joined his father’s $4 billion investment firm, Trian. His bet on Family Dollar, in which shares rose 70 per cent since he bought, has been his most successful move of the year.

Not all those featured on Forbes’ list are architects of double-digit returns  – some are committed to sustainable finance and focus more on helping others than the bottom line. This includes Anil Stocker, the co-founder of MarketInvoice, which provides loans to small businesses. He left investment banking to start this venture, and broke even after one year.

The youngest on the list, 21-year-old Sheel Tyle, also has impressive humanitarian bona fides. This associate at New Enterprise Associates also co-founded a non-profit which aims to improve rural eye care in the developing world.

Check out the full list at Forbes.