Forbes To Alley VCs: You Don't Rate*

Forbes has produced their annual “Midas List,” which says it ranks “Tech’s Top Dealmakers”. Nowhere to be found: At least one of New York’s most prominent investors.

We’ve made a couple of lists ourselves, and we know they’re a pain to produce. So we’re not going to harp about omissions to the good folks at Forbes, who are also our former colleagues.

We will, however, gripe about our former website’s layout of the list, which doesn’t allow you to view the whole thing at one time and forces you to generate an extra three page views. Good thing Matt Marshall at VentureBeat has helpfully published the entire list here.

* The magazine does tip its hat to Rob Stavis (#42) and Bob Goodman (#47) of Bessemer’s Larchmont office. We thought the two worked out of BVP’s Menlo Park office, but reader Chris sets us straight. Thanks.

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