Forbes Launches Ad Network, Again

It’s not just yet another ad network – it’s another story about yet another ad network. Specifically, Forbes’ blog network gets more ink today, but nothing too different than what we saw (and wrote) last year said: Forbes is selling ads for blogs in a network powered by Adify.

The news, from what we can tell, is that Forbes has signed up more than 400 bloggers and small pubs to the network. The AP story doesn’t disclose the revenue split, but when we checked in December, the Forbes network was offering bloggers 40% of whatever revenue their sites generated. That’s not as good as the 60/40 split offered by others, including Federated Media (which works with SAI). Presumably the Forbes blogs take the deal because they’re not large enough to be on other networks’ radar. But it ought to be gravy for both sides, regardless.

Ad Network Of The Day: Forbes

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