Forbes put 'media mogul' Kim Kardashian on the cover of its new issue

Kim kardashion forbes coverTwitter/Kim KardashianKim K is cashing in.

Kim Kardashian West knows good content.

Forbes has named Kardashian a “media mogul” thanks in part to the success of her mobile game. The reality star and entrepreneur is cashing in on the tech world and is featured on the July 26, 2016 issue of the bi-weekly magazine. 

“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” which launched in June 2014, requires players to create a virtual character and attempt to rise through the Hollywood ranks. It has been downloaded 45 million times, and Forbes estimates that it has earned Kardashian $45 million from the $160 million in revenue.

“I became really intrigued with the tech world,” Kardashian told Forbes. “I started spending a lot of time in San Francisco. I realised this is really going to be the next cycle of my career and this is what I want to focus on.”

And she has. In addition to her game, Kardashian has capitalised on the emoji business. Kimojis are available for purchase and download, and her store even sells products covered in them.

She’s also releasing a $2.99-a-month app that will provide users with beauty tutorials and more exclusive Kardashian content.

Of landing the cover, Kardashian tweeted, “Such a tremendous honour to be on the cover of @Forbes! I never dreamed this would happen and know my dad would be proud.”

And as a nod to her haters, she sent another tweet that said, “#NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent,” with two emojis: the heart eyes and winky face with the tongue out.

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