Expands Pay-Per-View Offering For Highbrow Conferences [VIDEO]

SAN FRANCISC0 –, a video publisher which aggregates academic, think tank and other sorts of thought leadership conferences, has recently expanded its business model with pay-per-view and subscription offerings, says CEO Blaise Zerega in this interview with Beet.TV.

The company has offered PPV for a number of high profile events including The New Yorker Festival, DEMO and the Wired Business Conference.  In addition, is offering a premium, advertising-free monthly subscription for $5.  

Zerega says the largely advertiser-supported site is nearing 4 million monthly video views, with most views happening off site, many being powered by a raft of new syndication deals.

Zerega joined from stints at Conde Nast as managing editor of Wired  then Portfolio.

The company is backed with investments from Adobe Systems and from William Randolph Hearst, III.

We have pasted below a fascinating lecture from Aubrey de Grey about “the key to longevity.”

You can find this post at Beet.TV


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