For The First Time Ever Taiwan Has Cruise Missiles Aimed At Mainland China

MissileA missile at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Photo: flikr/Arenamontanus

Long in the sights of more than 1,500 Chinese missiles aimed at its shores, Taiwan has now installed missiles of its own able to strike key military bases along China’s southeastern coast.Rich Chang at the Taipei Times reports that Taiwain’s indigenously produced Hsiung Feng-IIE (Brave Wind), with a range of over 400 miles, is now in service and installed at various locations along the coast.

The AFP further reports that there are more than 100 of the new missiles pointed at China and the program cost the island nation about $1 billion to set up.

The baseline Brave Winmd is equipped with a standard 1,000-lb warhead, but can also be equipped with cluster munitions and hard penetrator “bunker-buster” warheads.

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