Two Law Schools Will Give You A Refund If You Bomb The Bar

Florida Coastal School of Law

Photo: Florida Coastal School of Law

Two for-profit law schools are offering $10,000 refunds to students who don’t pass the bar exam after two attempts, the National Law Journal reports. Florida Coastal School of Law and the Charlotte School of Law are offering the refunds to students who finish rigorous prep courses before trying to take the bar.

Charlotte Law will give $10,000 to students who fail the bar exam more than once. Florida Coastal is offering refunds not just to people who fail the bar exam, but also to students who are “dismissed for academic reasons following their 1L year,” with an additional $2,000 for grads who can’t find “substantive legal work” after school, according to the NLJ.

Grads at Florida Coastal have to jump through some hoops in order to get their refund, in what the school calls its “Assured Outcomes Partnership.” Students have to pass some required courses, attend writing workshops and review sessions, submit outlines for their classes, and send in study schedules, the school’s website says. 

If someone fulfils all of those requirements and still flunks their 1L year, a student can receive the $10,000 refund. And to get the additional $2,000, grads have to work closely with Florida Coastal’s career services department and meet all their job application deadlines.

Full-time tuition at both of these schools runs to about $37,000 a year. And according to U.S. News, grads from Charlotte School of Law entered their law careers with an average of $100,417 in student loan debt. 

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