For Just $25K You And A Date Can Win A Chance To Have Dinner At The Cohen Residence In Greenwich, CT

Steve Cohen

Photo: New York magazine

Who wants to go to dinner at Steve Cohen’s place and look at his massive art collection, which is said to include Warhols, deKoonigs, Picassos, Damien Hirst, van Gogh, etc.? Well, if you’re attending the annual gathering of hedge fund big-wigs and politicians in Vegas next month (aka the SALT conference), then a $25,000 donation to charity can win you the chance to rub elbows with the billionaire hedge funder at his dinner table.  

From Absolute Return magazine

For a $25,000 donation to Aspire Giving, the winner receives an “exclusive tour for two of the Cohen residence in Greenwich, CT,” according to a description sent to registered attendees.  “Led by Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors, you will be able to view one of the finest and most extensive private art collections of master and modern works ever assembled,” it says.  Also included is a private gourmet dinner for two with Steve Alexandra Cohen at their residence.” 

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