For All His Trouble, Rex Ryan Is A Godsend For The NFL

Rex Ryan Jets Browns NFL Coach

Photo: SNY Screengrab

In New England, where the Patriots locked up the No. 1 seed, the headlines read “Belichick: Patriots record is 0-0 this morning.”In Atlanta, where the Falcons grabbed the NFC’s No. 1 spot, coach Mike Smith is talking about “taking a very businesslike approach.”

In New York, the headlines are “Rex Ryan to Peyton Manning: ‘It’s personal.'”

Which storyline are you most compelled by?

For all the negative storylines surrounding the Jets this season, and all the allegations that Rex Ryan is more fraternity president than NFL head coach, it’s refreshing to hear a coach eschew coachspeak in favour of back-page fodder.

Sure, his actions can be distracting. He’s also had to eat his words on several occasions, most recently when he said the Jets 45-3 loss to the Patriots would be the “marquee game of the year.” And his many detractors will say all the blustering doesn’t contribute to winning games.

But it certainly gives fans a reason to want to watch; after all, next week’s game isn’t business – it’s personal. And the NFL has to be grateful for that.

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