For $90,000, This French Fighter Jet Can Help Start Your Own Airborne Militia

Fouga CM170 Fighter Jet

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Richard Branson seems to have gone everywhere and done everything. He’s gone across the English Channel in a car, he owns an island, and he’s working on getting to space.But does he have his own fighter jet squadron? Not that we know of.

Now, he may be able to start one. Artcurial is auctioning a Fouga CM 170 Magister, a decommissioned plane from the French Air Force.

The CM170 is an older design, with all first generation planes delivered by 1956, but that does not make it any less potent in the air. It has a top speed that approaches 450 MPH, which should be plenty to satiate even the most daring millionaire. It also only has 700 flight hours, which seems quite low for a plane nearing its 60th birthday.

This is not the first fighter jet to be offered for sale either. The new owner will still be competing with Microsoft’s Paul Allen, who has his own Russian MiG to fly around.

At auction, the plane is expected to cost anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000, according to Born Rich. To us, this seems like a cheap way to have the ultimate in short range security.

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