For $49 per month, this subscription service gives members access to some of the best whiskies from around the world

  • Whisk(e)y is continuing to grow in popularity around the world.
  • The biggest hurdle enthusiasts often face is the price of purchasing bottles of the liquor, making it difficult to sample and understand the flavours of different countries and regions.
  • Australian subscription service Whisky Loot gives members access to some of the best whiskies in the world for a reasonable monthly price.

The world of whisk(e)y has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the rise of communities like The Whiskey Tribe making it more accessible for beginners via a culture of anti-snobbery. While it’s never been easier to learn the ropes, the biggest hurdle for many is the costs the hobby can attract.

There’s no shortage of whisk(e)y reviews on YouTube, but the only way to really understand the brown liquor is to taste a wide variety of it and, if possible, compare multiple glasses of different whiskies at the same time to understand what sets them apart. There are quite literally thousands of different whiskies available from all over the world, and while certain countries or regions will share similarities, you’d be hard-pressed to find two whiskies that taste exactly the same.

Here in Australia, the price of whisk(e)y is subject to both an alcohol tax as well as the costs that come with importation. A bottle of single malt scotch can range from around $50 all the way into the thousands. In other words, wandering down to the bottle-o to pick out a selection of whiskies is expensive business.

Australian subscription service Whisky Loot has one of the best current solutions to this problem — a monthly box of three small bottles of whisk(e)y perfectly curated to teach you about tasting and understanding it.

From $49 per month, subscribers get three 60ml bottles of premium whisk(e)y sourced from distilleries around the world. The first box comes with a tasting journal to help you keep track of and understand what you like or don’t like. Members also get exclusive pricings on full bottles, which is perfect for those who are keen to dive into more of something they really like.

“Over the course of a year, you’ll be introduced to whisky of different regions, terminology, flavour profiles and the history, together with some exclusive hard-to-find bottles,” the Whisky Loot website reads. “Each month you’ll receive a new box of three rare and hard-to-find drams, along with a tasting video via email.”

Whisky Loot also offers one-off purchases if you’re not sold on a subscription or would like to purchase one as a gift for $79. You can also nab a St. Patricks Day special with three premium Irish whiskeys, including Redbreast Lustau Edition (RRP $175), Hyde 6-Year-Old President’s Cask (RRP $120) and Kinahan’s 10-Year-Old Single Malt (RRP 135). The pack costs $79 and is available today (February 26th) until it runs out. You can see more info here.

For those curious about the different spellings of whisky and whiskey, there’s a great explainer you can watch here.

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