The 42 best football players on Wall Street

Bryan FletcherAP ImagesPeyton Manning referred to Credit Suisse trader Bryan Fletcher as ‘the suggestion box’ because he always had ‘these brilliant ideas.’

Football season has already kicked-off.

Anyone who plays football professionally knows that they won’t be able to play forever. That means they need to have post-football career plans in mind.

For some, finance is the perfect fit. It’s cut-throat, super competitive and it takes a lot of discipline to put in all those long hours.

So it should come as no surprise that there are a bunch of former football stars working in trading, investment banking and wealth management.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best football players in finance. (Note: These names are not in any particular order).

Many of these guys played professionally before heading to Wall Street. Others were standouts in college. Some have even done internships at investment banks during the off-season while still playing in the NFL. One even has a Super Bowl ring!

If we’re missing any big names, please send an email with a quick bio and photo to [email protected]

Former NFL wide-receiver Wayne Chrebet now works at Barclays.

Finance Job: He an assistant vice president in the wealth and investment management division of Barclays.

School: Hofstra University (c/o 1995)

Position: Wide-receiver

Pro Team: New York Jets

Highlights: Chrebet played 11 seasons for the Jets. He set the NFL record for the most receptions by a wide receiver during his first two seasons. During his NFL career, he had 580 receptions and 41 touchdowns.

Cade McNown, who previously worked at JPMorgan, played four seasons in the NFL as a quarterback.

Finance Job: He recently joined Beverly Hills-based Lourd Capital Management, FINRA records show. McNown previously worked at JPMorgan Securities and UBS.

School: UCLA

Position: Quarterback

Pro Teams: Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers.

Highlights: While in the NFL, he had 515 pass attempts with 281 pass completions. He passed for 16 touchdowns while playing professionally.

Brent Jones, who played for the 49ers, co-founded a private equity firm with Tommy Vardell.

Getty Images Sport/ Andy Lyons

Finance Job: He co-founded private equity firm Northgate Capital.

School: Santa Clara University

Position: Tight End

Pro Teams: San Francisco 49ers

Highlights: He was drafted by the Steelers in 1986. Shortly after, he got in a car accident and injured his neck. He wasn't able to play and eventually got cut.

The San Francisco 49ers signed him as a free agent and he became a star. While playing for the 49ers, he had 417 receptions and 33 touchdowns.

NFL star quarterback Peyton Manning said Bryan Fletcher, who works at Credit Suisse, always has 'brilliant ideas.'

AP Images

Finance Job: Fletcher works in equity sales at Credit Suisse. Before that, he was a financial analyst at City Securities Corporation.

School: UCLA (c/o 2002)

Position: Tight End

Pro Teams: Indianapolis Colts (2005 to 2007) and the Chicago Bears (2002 to 2004)

Highlights: He played in the NFL for the from 2002 until 2007.

In a video from 2006, Peyton Manning referred to Fletcher as 'the suggestion box' and that he has 'always got these brilliant ideas.'

Source: LinkedIn

Former Giants wide-receiver Phil McConkey runs a broker-dealer these days.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's the president of broker-dealer Academy Securities.

School: United States Naval Academy (c/o 1984)

Position: Wide-receiver

Pro Teams: New York Giants (1984 to 1985), Green Bay Packers (1986), New York Giants (1986 to 1988), Phoenix Cardinals (1989) and San Diego Chargers (1989)

Highlights: During his pro career, he caught 67 passes for 1,113 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.

Former NFL tight end Pete Mitchell works at an investment management firm now.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's a vice president at Crescent Capital Group in Florida.

School: Boston College (c/o 1994)

Position: Tight End

Pro Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars (1995 to 1998, 2002), New York Giants (1999 to 2000), Detroit Lions 2001, and Indianapolis Colts (2003 to 2004)

Highlights: During Mitchell's NFL career, he played in 114 games, had 2,885 receiving yards and made 15 touchdowns.

JPMorgan's Joe Azelby played for the Buffalo Bills after graduating Harvard.


Finance Job: Azelby is CEO of the Global Real Assets Group of JPMorgan Chase.

School: Harvard University (c/o 1984)

Position: Linebacker

Pro Team: Buffalo Bills

Highlights: He was captain of the Harvard football team before being drafted to the NFL.

Source: LinkedIn

JPMorgan associate James Marten played for the Cowboys and the Bears.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's an associate at JPMorgan in San Francisco.

School: Boston College

Position: Offensive tackle

Pro Teams: Dallas Cowboys (2007), Oakland Raiders (2008-09), Chicago Bears (2009-10)

Highlights: He was named second-team All-ACC during college.

Jake Stoller, who works at Barclays, was signed by the Steelers after graduating from Yale.

AP Images

Finance Job: He works at Barclays.

School: Yale (c/o 2012)

Position: Defensive Lineman

Pro Team: Pittsburgh Steelers (He was cut)

Highlights: The Yale undrafted free agent was signed by the Steelers in 2012 and later cut. During his senior year at Yale, he was named 'Second-team All-Ivy League' selection. He also received Yale's Jordan Oliver Award, which is awarded to the player who has earned the highest respect of his teammates.

Investment banking analyst Collin Zych was the captain of the Harvard football team.

Kevin McCarthy

Finance Job: He's an investment banking analyst at Greenhill & Co.'s Cogent Partners.

School: Harvard University (c/o 2011)

Position: Free Safety

Pro Team: Dallas Cowboys (He was cut from the regular season roster)

Highlights: He was captain of the Harvard football team and a two-time First Team All-Ivy.

A four-time 'Wall Street's Best Athlete' winner Mark Rubin, who works at ICAP, played briefly for the St. Louis Rams.

Dmitry Gudkov

Finance Job: He's a vice president in futures and options sales trading at ICAP.

School: Penn State (c/o 2010)

Position: Safety

Pro Team: St. Louis Rams

Highlights: He had a brief stint with the St. Louis Rams. He's won the title of 'Wall Street's Best Athlete' four years in a row at the annual Decathlon.

Morgan Stanley's Tom McCarthy was captain of Yale's football team.

Dmitry Gudkov

Finance Job: He works in the Securitized Products Group at Morgan Stanley.

School: Yale

Position: Defensive lineman

Highlights: He was captain of the Yale Bulldogs.

Former Jets quarterback Richard Todd works in fixed income sales for JPMorgan.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's a managing director at JPMorgan Securities in fixed income sales.

School: Alabama

Position: Quarterback

Pro Team: New York Jets and New Orleans Saints

Highlights: During his pro career, he passed for 124 touchdowns and 161 interceptions.

Ned Bolcar, who has worked at Gleacher & Co. and Jefferies, played three seasons in the NFL.

AP Images

Finance Job: In the past, Bolcar has worked at Gleacher & Co, ICAP and Jefferies & Co, FINRA records show.

School: Notre Dame (c/o 1990)

Position: Linebacker

Pro Teams: Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins

Bolcar completed three seasons in the NFL (one with the Seattle Seahawks and two with the Miami Dolphins). While at Notre Dame, he was named a two-time second team All-American (1987, 1989). He also captained the 1988 championship team.

Source: Gleacher & Co.

New Orleans Saints' offensive tackle Thomas Welch is now in business school. He interned at Merrill Lynch during his vacation time from football.

AP Images

Finance Job: He interned at Merrill Lynch wealth management during his vacation time from football. He's currently working on his MBA at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

School: Vanderbilt (c/o 2010)

Position: Offensive Tackle

Pro Teams: New England Patriots (2011), St. Louis Rams (2011), Philadelphia Eagles (2012), Buffalo Bills (2012 to 2013), and New Orleans Saints (2014).

Highlights: He's considered Vanderbilt's 'most gifted lineman.'

Scott Brunner, who works in wealth management, played quarterback for the New York Giants.

Wikimedia Commons

Finance Job: Brunner is an executive vice president and partner at the Net Worth Management Group at AXA Advisors. He previously worked at The Buckingham Research Group, FINRA records show.

School: University of Delaware (c/o 1980)

Position: Quarterback

Pro Teams: New York Giants (1980 to 1983) and Denver Broncos and St. Louis Cardinals.

Highlights: He was playing for the University of Delaware Blue Hens when they won the national championship in 1979.

Former New Orleans Saints center Alex Fletcher now works at Merrill Lynch.

AP Images

Finance Job: Fletcher works as an associate at Merrill Lynch, FINRA records show.

School: Stanford (c/o 2009)

Position: Center

Pro Team: New Orleans Saints

Highlights: He was an undrafted rookie for the Saints. He had to retire early due to a life-threatening issue with his kidney, according to

Former NFL running back Chuck Mercein has spent many years working on Wall Street.

AP Images

Finance Job: He currently works at broker-dealer Mann Mann Jensen, FINRA records show. He has spent many years on Wall Street working for Oppenheimer, Smith Barney and Credit Suisse First Boston, just to name a few.

School: Yale (c/o 1965)

Position: Running Back

Pro Teams: New York Giants (1965 to 1967), Green Bay Packers (1967 to 1969), Washington Redskins (1969) and New York Jets (1970)

Former Notre Dame defence cornerback Ambrose Wooden works at Goldman.

AP Images

Finance Job: Wooden is an associate at Goldman Sachs.

School: Notre Dame (c/o 2007)

Position: Defensive Cornerback

Highlights: He played five seasons for Notre Dame making 116 tackles and intercepting two passes. He graduated with a degree in finance with a 3.834 GPA his final semester, according to the campus newspaper.

Dave Brown, who works at Greenhill & Co., played for the Giants and the Cardinals.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's the co-head of private capital at Greenhill & Co.

School: Duke University (c/o 1992)

Position: Quarterback

Team(s): New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals (back-up quarterback)

Highlights: Brown was a star when he played for the Duke Blue Devils. He was also a first round supplemental NFL pick.

Thomas Freeman, who works at UBS, played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Finance Job: Freeman is a senior vice president of investments in UBS's Financial Services Group.

School: Notre Dame

Position: Left Guard

Pro Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Source: UBS

Former Buffalo Bills player Walter Stith works as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley.

Getty Images Sport

Finance Job: He's a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley in Atlanta.

School: North Carolina A&T

Position: Offensive Tackle

Team(s): Buffalo Bills

Highlights: Stith was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cleveland Browns. He's 6'9' and he weighed 320 pounds when he played in the NFL.

Credit Suisse vice president Maurice Bennett signed as a rookie free agent for the Chicago Bears.

Finance Job: He's a vice president and equity trader at Credit Suisse in New York, according to his LinkedIn.

School: Lafayette College

Position: Linebacker

Team(s): Chicago Bears (May 2006 to July 2006)

Highlights: He signed as a rookie free agent for the Bears. During his senior year at Lafayette, he received every Division I-AA All America honour possible.

Former NFL linebacker Brandon Short worked at Goldman and now runs his own firm in the Middle East.

AP Images

Finance Job: He left Goldman Sachs' Dubai unit to start a closely held Middle East lender called World Business Partners.

School: Penn State

Position: Linebacker

Pro Teams: New York Giants (2000 to 2003), Carolina Panthers (2004 to 2005) and the New York Giants (2006)

Highlights: During his 7 NFL seasons, he made a total of 267 tackles.

Jamil Soriano, who is an equity research analyst, has three championship rings, including a Super Bowl ring.

Finance Job: After Soriano hung up his cleats, he was hired as a debt capital markets analyst at Credit Suisse. He's currently an equity research analyst with Ariel Investments in Chicago, according to his LinkedIn.

School: Harvard (c/o 2003)

Position: Guard

Pro Teams: New England Patriots (practice squad) and Berlin Thunder

Highlights: He has three championship rings -- an Ivy League championship ring, a Super Bowl XXXVIII championship ring and a NFL Europe World Bowl Championship ring.

Aaron Greeno, who played for the University of Miami's national championship team, works at Morgan Stanley.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Greeno

Finance Job: Greeno is a vice president at Morgan Stanley, according to his LinkedIn page.

School: University of Miami

Position: Tight End

Highlights: Greeno was a member of the University of Miami's 2001 national championship team.

Steve Young, who runs a private equity firm, was a famous quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and is now a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's the managing partner and co-founder of private equity firm Huntsman Gay Global Capital.

School: Brigham Young

Position: Quarterback

Pro Teams: Los Angeles Express and San Francisco 49ers.

Highlights: He played in the NFL for more than 15 years as a quarterback spending most of that time with the San Francisco 49ers. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl XXIX, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News's 'Player of the Year', and the NFL's 'Most Valueable Player' in 1992 and 1994. He's also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the highest-rated quarterback in NFL history.

Source: Huntsman Gay Global Capital

Blaine Nye, the founder of an economics research firm, was an offensive lineman.

Finance Job: He runs economics research firm Stanford Consulting.

School: Stanford

Position: Offensive lineman

Pro Team: Dallas Cowboys

Highlights: During the football offseason, he went to school earning his master's in physics from the University of Washington and his MBA from Stanford.

Former Giants wide receiver Malcolm Johnson works at JPMorgan.

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Johnson

Finance Job: He's an executive director in real estate banking at JPMorgan Chase.

School: Notre Dame

Position: Wide Receiver

Pro Team(s): Brief stints with the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gary Vura, who works at Tullett Prebon Financial Services, was a former UPenn quarterback.

Julia La Roche for Business Insider

Finance Job: He was hired by Tullett Prebon Financial Services from ICAP this summer.

School: UPenn

Position: Quarterback

Highlights: He helped his team win the first Ivy League championship in 23 years against Harvard.

Key Bank managing director Brian Brennan played nine seasons in the NFL.

AP Images

Finance Job: He's a managing director in fixed income sales and trading at Key Bank.

School: Boston College

Position: Wide Receiver

Pro Teams: Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers

Highlights: He played nine seasons in the NFL.

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