THEN AND NOW: Football Cheerleaders Through The Decades

vikings cheerleader

Photo: AP Images

As football has changed and evolved through the years, so have the cheerleaders.Back in the 1960s and 1970s, cheerleaders stuck to leading the crowd and cheering on their teams with big poofy pom-poms.

Now, a lot of cheerleading squads have added on a dance element as well, and their outfits have gotten a lot… flashier.

The Baltimore Colts had cheerleaders in the early '60s

And this is what the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders are like today

Vikings cheerleaders take a break back in the '60s

The Vikings cheerleaders pose for the crowd today

The Denver Broncos at the end of the '70s, yes that's Robin Williams running out with them.

And the Broncos now

Perhaps the most famous NFL Cheerleaders; the Dallas Cowboys in the '70s

And the Cowboys cheerleaders now. They've probably changed the least

The Jets cheerleaders waiting for the team to run out in the '70s

The Jets cheerleaders now

Here are the Bengals circa 1980

And the Ben-Gals now

Here are the Packers' cheerleaders in 1978, unfortunately, they eliminated the squad 10 years later

This Syracuse University cheerleader was featured on SI in 1960

Here are the 'cuse cheerleaders now

Another at the college level, these are Temple cheerleaders marching in a parade

And here are the Owls today

Now see what it's like to BE a cheerleader in the NFL

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