Footage Claims To Be Test Flight Of The Stealth Drone Iran Built Off The US Version It Downed In 2011

Iran showed off its precious prize in 2011. Picture: PressTV

Remember that US drone brought down over Iran a couple of years back?

It’s looks like Iran has done exactly what everyone expected it to and reverse engineered a version of their own.

The US RQ-170 stealth drone was downed over Kashmir in December 2011. At the time, the US claimed it went down due to mechanical failures, but Iran said it had successfully hacked the drone.

In May this year, Iran announced it had successfully copied the drone.

“Our engineers succeeded in breaking the drone’s secrets and copying them,” an officer said as footage of the drone was shown on state television.

“It will soon take a test flight.”

This week, according to this footage from PressTV, it did. Look:

Earlier this week, China gave its sophisticated new stealth fighter jet, the J-31 Shenyang, its first public demonstration, amid serious concerns that it had been built off the back of stolen F-35 plans.

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