24 delicious foods you should eat in China

China is a large country that’s home to many rich, flavorful dishes.

Although there are staples that can be found throughout the country, the cuisine varies greatly from region to region.

For example, Shanghai boasts xiao long bao (soup dumplings), while Beijing has Peking duck.

Keep scrolling for 24 delicious dishes to try on your next trip to China.

Starting off as a common noodle dish served on the streets of the Sichuan province, dan dan mein is a warm bowl of long, thin noodles swimming in chile oil and topped with minced pork and pickled vegetables.

Steven G Johnson / Wikimedia Commons

The pork bun (char siu bao) comes from the Cantonese region in China. Pieces of pork seasoned in a sweet barbecue sauce are stuffed inside soft steamed buns.

Adamlee01 / Shutterstock

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