We're Not Sure What's Going On With This 3D-Printed Pizza, But It Looks Gross

We wouldn’t expect 3D-printed pizza to look particularly appetizing, but this one from the new “Foodini” goes beyond our worst expectations.

We’re not clear on exactly what’s happening in the image. It appears the grey-ish matter is some sort of meat topping, which is being squirted onto tomato sauce and a crust.

The Foodini, which will go on sale this year for roughly $US1,400, is made by the Barcelona-based Natural Machines.

It looks like a microwave, and it prints a variety of foods from bean burgers to cheesecake bites.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports that the printer, which uses capsules of unprocessed ingredients to print meals, “is possibly the future of fast food.”

Hopefully that food will look more like the cheesecake bites, and less like the pizza:

The goal of the pricey appliance is “to make cooking easier,” Lynette Kucsma of Natural Machines told Gallego.

Gallego handed out cookies made by the printer to people on the streets of Barcelona, and the reviews were largely positive.

“It’s good!” one person said, through a translator.

“It tastes super delicious,” said another.

Several people refused to try the cookies, however, after hearing that they came from a printer.

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