20 foods that you're probably mispronouncing

Bowl of Pho Joshua Resnick / ShutterstockPho should be pronounced ‘fuh.’

The INSIDER Summary:

• Certain food names can be hard to pronounce.

• Examples include bouillon (the Ls are silent), and Gouda (the G should be pronounced like an H).

• The infographic below shows more foods you might be butchering.

Some foods are easier to eat than they are to pronounce.

The infographic below, created by SousVideTools.com, highlights 20 foods that have difficult names you might be mispronouncing.

The two Ls in bouillon, for example, are silent. And chances are you didn’t know that the G in gouda should be pronounced like an H.

Keep scrolling to see what other names you might be butchering.

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