TV Series About Food Trucks Coming To Food Network, Foodies Rejoice

Scripps Networks (SNI ) made its upfront presentation to advertisers earlier this week, unveiling three new primetime series for its popular Food Network channel.One of those new series is—wait for it—a show about food trucks! And it’s called, yes, “Food Trucks.”

The food show market is crowded but booming. Especially for Food Network, which saw its ratings spike 29% to a new record in 2009. Scripps is capitalising on that by giving us our first taste of the brand new Cooking Channel, Food Network’s younger and hipper sibling, on May 31.

Meanwhile, “Food Trucks” premieres August 15 at 10 p.m.

Eater has the details:

Tyler Florence hosts as seven teams of the country’s best food truck cooks hit the road to sauté their way across America. Each week, the teams that sell the most food in the challenge city race to the next episode, and the losing team drives home. One food truck team comes out on top and wins a $50,000 grand prize!

The gourmet food truck trend is all the rage these days. And foodies have been getting excited about this new series for weeks now.

LAist first reported the news on March 25. Followed last week by an enthusiastic Tweet from Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern. “Looks awesome!! And it looks like the title says. Love this.”

We’ll have to wait and see if advertisers love it too.

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