Here’s what Miss USA Cheslie Kryst eats in a day

Cheslie Kryst was named Miss USA 2019 in May. Benjamin Askinas/The Miss Universe Organisation

On May 2, Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA 2019 at the Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre in Reno, Nevada. The 28-year-old lawyer competed against 50 other women, and took part in the show’s four segments: swimsuit, evening gown, final question, and final word.

But before she received her crown, Kryst spent weeks preparing for the competition. Among tireless practice sessions and strict workout routines, Miss USA 2019 also followed a healthy diet to keep her body and mind fit ahead of the pageant.

INSIDER recently spoke with Kryst to learn more about the eating habits she followed leading up to the Miss USA competition.

Miss usa cheslie kryst
Cheslie Kryst walks the stage after being crowned Miss USA 2019. Frank L Szelwach/The Miss Universe Organisation

Consistency is key to Cheslie Kryst’s breakfast and lunch

Speaking to INSIDER, Kryst said she ate “almost the exact same thing everyday” leading up to the pageant.

“For breakfast every morning, I’d usually eat toast with egg and avocado,” Kryst told INSIDER. “I’m obsessed with avocado, even though it has a lot of fat in it. I love it, and it’s good, healthy fat.”

She also kept her lunch meals consistent, and typically ate “a salad with chicken.”

Avocado toast with eggs
Miss USA Cheslie Kryst credits her healthy diet to avocado toast. Ekaterina Markelova/Shutterstock

Of course, eating such a specific diet proved to be challenging at times, especially when she “had to do appearances and be on the road.” But overall, “consistency” proved to be the key to her success.

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Kryst’s daily dinners featured a bit more variety

While her go-to evening meal was typically grilled chicken with vegetables, the Miss USA winner also enjoyed dishes with rice.

“There was variety in vegetables,” Kryst said. “I do like asparagus and brussel sprouts, and that kind of helped [add variety]. I could go to the grocery store and not really have to think, and just get the same things everyday.”

Grilled chicken
Grilled chicken with vegetables was a go-to dinner meal for Kryst. Jacek Chabraszewski/Shutterstock

Snacks also play a role in Kryst’s diet, so long as they’re healthy

According to Miss USA 2019, the key to her snacking process is eating “fresh food,” while avoiding anything that’s “really processed.”

“I would just pepper in some snacks every now and then – oranges, apples, bananas,” Kryst said.

To learn more about Cheslie Kryst, visit the Miss USA website.