What hospitals around the world serve their patients

Hospital food coloradoFlickr/bradleygee. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0The University of Colorado Hospital serves breakfast sandwiches.

People obviously don’t check into hospitals for the food, but a good meal might speed up the road to recovery.

What is served at hospitals varies by country, and seems deeply ingrained in local culture. From nasi goreng rice in Indonesia to bangers and mash in the UK, here’s what hospitals around the world serve their patients.

Poland -- A simple but hearty meal of bread, cucumber, and liverwurst.

Malaysia -- Fried noodles and a single chicken drumstick.

Japan -- Veggies, fish and white rice.

California -- A typically American meal of cheeseburger, pizza, and mac and cheese, with a pickle and a Pepsi.

Massachusetts -- Salad, chicken soup with crackers, and baked scrod.

Singapore -- Chicken rendang and veggies with a side of rice.

New York -- A Thanksgiving-y meal of mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, and some sort of meat.

Slovakia -- Bread, deli meat, a vegetable soup and some sort of goulash.

England -- Bangers and mash, aka sausage and mashed potatoes, with veggies, a creamy soup, and a cup of rice pudding for dessert.

Arizona -- A steak sandwich and fries, with cake for dessert. There even seems to be a menu.

Sydney, Australia -- Peas, turkey, and potatoes, as well as a sandwich, fruit salad, vanilla ice cream and apple juice.

Indonesia -- Nasi goreng with prawn crackers.

Colorado -- A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Netherlands -- A vegetarian curry with a cucumber salad and strawberry macaron.

Scotland -- Some sort of meat stew and rice.

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