Food Horror 2: Subway Braces For Backlash After Knife Found In Sandwich

A Queens man is suing the Subway sandwich chain for $1 million after finding a seven-inch knife baked into the bread of his sandwich. The man wasn’t injured—he found the blade before it cut the inside of his mouth—but he says he did get sick from the contaminants on the “filthy” knife.

This doesn’t trigger the same business-destroying gag reflex as the Wendy’s chilli finger episode, but Subway’s PR team had better shift into overdrive.

New York Post: A Queens man is suing the sandwich empire for $1 million after finding a large serrated knife he says was baked into the bread of his 12-inch cold-cut sub…

“It’s shocking. You see this metal knife. I mean, it’s one thing seeing a hair or something,” John Agnesini said. “If I didn’t look at it, could you imagine what would happen? I could’ve slashed the side of my mouth…”

He was not badly injured, but became violently ill with “severe stomach issues” for three hours, he recalled.

A doctor told him he had the symptoms of food poisoning, which Agnesini attributed to whatever contaminants may have seeped into his food, possibly from the melted plastic handle of the knife.

He also said the knife was “filthy.”

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