17 Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat


We recently learned that there’s a

smarter way to eat an apple without wasting the core. That got us searching for other food hacks that simplify cooking, eating, drinking, and entertaining. 

These tricks are amazingly easy and eliminate headaches like watered-down wine, messy cupcakes, and messy soup spoons. 

We also found better ways to store rice and bagels. 

You’ll walk away wondering why you hadn’t thought of these hacks sooner. 

To eat a cupcake neatly, cut the bottom off and make a sandwich.

If you're serving tacos or anything else that requires a lot of toppings, try serving them in a muffin pan. This is more convenient than using several small bowls.

To keep white wine from getting warm, freeze grapes to use in place of ice cubes.

To separate an egg, break it onto a plate. Then, take an empty bottle and gently squeeze to create suction, and suck the yolk into the bottle. Mission accomplished!

To keep a straw inside a can of soda, turn the tab around and insert the straw.

To keep soup from splattering while its being heated, place the spoon in the hole in the handle of the pot. This will keep it resting comfortably in a convenient place.

Pull apart ketchup cups, which are expandable, to fit more of the condiment.

Instead of coring lettuce with a knife, slam it onto a surface stem-down. Then, you will be able to pull the stem out easily.

Rice can be difficult to pour without spilling. To prevent this problem, cut the top off a two-liter bottle and form a funnel around the bag. You can even screw the cap on to keep the rice contained in storage.

To eat Chinese takeout more easily, take apart the food container to form a plate.

Ice cream is easier to serve at parties if you cut it with a knife.

Turn a CD spindle into a bagel carrier.

Put pancake batter in a ketchup bottle for no mess.

Cut bread from the bottom to avoid squishing it.

Use plain dental floss to perfectly cut slices of a cake.

To make tostadas, turn a muffin pan upside down and place soft tortillas in between the cups.

Pull out an apple's stem and eat from the top down so you don't waste the core.

You've seen amazing food hacks...

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