10 of the biggest and best food eating challenges in Australia

Instagram/Ribs and Rumps

There’s only one thing better than a great feed, and that’s more of it.

There are plenty of monster-sized eating challenges around Australia, but not all are worth your time or money.

Some restaurants offer them just for the fun and novelty of it, and others will give you a prize if you can finish the dish within an allocated time.

The rules vary from restaurant to restaurant, but usually sharing with someone else, leaving the table during the challenge or regurgitating gets you disqualified.

Here are ten of the biggest and best food eating challenges in Australia that you can sink your teeth into.

The Man Vs. Meat challenge at Ribs and Rumps, QLD and NSW

This behemonth challenge requires you to eat a 1.2kg rump steak, 1kg beef ribs, 800g of chips, 200g onion rings, a cheesy garlic bread baguette, a garden salad and 240ml of sauce.

You have 30 minutes to finish it to receive the whole meal for free, plus a free Ribs and Rumps specialty steak knife, and a photo on the wall of fame and their social media pages.

If you can’t finish it, you’ll be put on the loser’s wall, and will have to pay $99.95.

Fortitude Valley QLD, Milton QLD, North Ryde NSW, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
143 7427

The 1m bratwurst from Hahndorf Inn, SA

This mammoth German sausage comes in a special long hotdog bun with sauerkraut, pork jus, seeded mustard and dijon mustard.

It’ll set you back $45.50, but if you can finish it, you won’t win anything except a fuller belly.

35 Main Street
Hahndorf SA 5245
08 8388 7063

The big shank challenge from SSS BBQ Barn, NSW

To win this challenge, you’ll need to pick an entree to eat, then consume a 2.4kg beef shank and dessert all in one sitting, beating the current record of 7 minutes (just for the beef shank).

If you can do that, you’ll win a hat, t-shirt, and your name up on the honour roll.

It costs $54, and only the dessert is free if you can finish it all.

Call them to book so they can make sure they have one for you.

8 Bray St
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
02 6651 9166

The 1kg schnitzel from Austrian Schnitzelhaus, NSW

The challenge involves eating a mammoth 1kg schnitzel with chips and sauce of your choice, as well as 1 litre of tap beer or soft drink. This will set you back $59.

The standing record is just under one hour.

Beat that and your schnitzel is free.

You’ll also get free dessert and schnapps (if you can fit them in), a schnitzel champions t-shirt, and photo on uploaded to their webpage and Facebook.

Make sure you call ahead to let them know you’re coming.

Shop 5, The Hive, Erina Fair shopping centre
Karalta Rd
Erina NSW 2250
02 4367 4874

The 2kg “heart attack” burger from Railway Tavern, WA

This is a pretty basic pub in a remote part of Western Australia, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a burger this big elsewhere in Australia.

The $45 burger has three burger patties, a beef schnitzel, six cheese slices, three bacon rashers, three fried eggs, three hash browns, two tomatoes and salad.

The burger is free for those who can eat it in under 35 minutes.

90 Sirius St
Southern Cross WA 6426
08 9049 1030

The 1kg steak and sides from Outback Jack’s, various locations

Facebook/Outback Jacks

The biggest steak on the menu comes with chips and roasted vegetables, and will set you back $40.

If you can finish it in 30 minutes, it’s free, plus you get a stubby holder and a place on the wall of fame.

Various locations
Contact them here

The super bowl challenge at My Pho Bar, QLD

Facebook/My Pho Bar

The gigantic bowl of pho costs $45 and contains 800g of noodles, 800g of meat, plus about 3.5 litres of soup, and you have to finish all of it in one hour.

But even if you don’t finish it, you’ll still get your photo up on the wall and their Facebook page just for trying.

Make sure you call ahead to book.

Shop 6, 19 Kooringal Drive
Jindalee QLD 4074
07 3376 9746

The 1.8kg tomahawk steak from the Oaks Hotel, NSW

This monster 1.8kg steak comes with roasted duck fat potatoes and green beans, as well as three different sauces — tomato, creamy mushroom and gravy.

If you can’t finish it, it will cost you $85. If you do finish, you’ll receive a winner’s trucker cap.

They only have a handful a day, so if you’re keen, make sure you call ahead so they can put one aside for you.

118 Military Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
02 9953 5515

Carolina Reaper chicken wing challenge from Chuck Wagon 175, SA

The owners proclaim them as the spiciest wings in Australia. You have only 15 minutes to down six of these incredibly spicy, hot-sauce coated deep-fried chicken wings.

If you can, you’ll get a winner’s lanyard and be put on the wall of fame.

They cost only $9, but don’t let that be an indication of how easy the challenge will be — the hot sauce the wings are coated with is a special concoction by chefs Josh and Mike who use the Caroline Reaper chilli, which has been recorded at 2.2 million Scoville heat units and is known as the hottest chilli in the world.

For comparison, Tabasco sauce is rated at only 2,500–5,000 Scoville heat units.

175 O’Connell St
North Adelaide SA 5006
08 8267 4070

The 1kg donut from Kenilworth Country Bakery, QLD

They call it a donut, but it’s more like a soft eclair. Choose nutella, jam or custard as your filling.

If you’re interested in taking it on, you’ll need to let them know a day before so they can prepare the beast for you.

It costs $20, but if you can munch it all down in 10 minutes it’s free and you get a plaque on the bakery’s wall.

8 Elizabeth St
Kenilworth QLD 4574
07 5446 0172

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