30 Mouthwatering Instagram Pictures Of Street Food Around The World

Melissa Hie does what probably most of us dream of doing: stuffing our faces while travelling in the world.

She just documents it in a really cool way.

The Singapore-based 29-year-old posts selfie-like photos of food or drinks with cities in the background on Instagram.

She started snapping these shots the summer of 2013 when she took a solo trip across Europe.

“If I wasn’t travelling by myself, my pictures would have been just generic travel pictures,” Hie said. “But since I was alone and I don’t like asking people to take my picture, I just started taking them myself.”

Some of her photos include a chocolate cookie in front of Big Ben, a Nutella-covered waffle in front of Brussels’ Grand Palace, and even a Butterbeer in front of 4 Privet Drive.

Although her travels are mainly in Europe and Asia, she says on her profile that she will “eat absolutely anywhere.”

Here are her photos and original captions from her Instagram account, girleatworld.

These eggs are regular chicken eggs, but were boiled in high temperature sulfur spring water which gives the colour to its black shell. Eating each one is said to extend one's life by seven years, but you shouldn't eat more than two. They sell the eggs in packs of five though, so I ate all five. This was in Kurotama at Owakudani in Hakone, Japan.

Takoyaki at a small festival in Ueno, Asakusa area. Takoyaki is a common snack sold at such festivals in Japan. It's a ball of batter filled with diced octopus, ginger and green onion, served with takoyaki sauce, a bit of mayonnaise, and topped with aonori (seaweed shavings) and bonito (shavings of dried fish). It's then cooked in a special takoyaki pan to give its round shape. Delish!

Hello Kitty Doughnut at the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan! This was too cute to pass up, from the basement of Hikarie building, one street away from Hachiko.

Japanese crepe at Takeshita-dori in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. Takeshita-dori is a small alley full of lively shops and dressed up teens of Tokyo.

Sunset watch with Thé à la menthe (Mint Tea) at Djema El-Fna in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Butterbeer-ing at 4 Privet Drive. Many people have asked me what this tasted like: its like root beer float with a bit of caramel sauce.

Delicious sandwich at the peak of Arthur's seat in Edinburgh. The weather ain't always this good in Edinburgh, but I am blessed.

A hog roast roll at the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I got the roast roll from this place called 'Oink' and they were insanely delicious!

Chocolate chip cookies at Big Ben, on what was possibly the clearest, sunniest day I have ever experienced! I have always wanted to see this tower since I was a little kid.

Tower Bridge in London, enjoying a cute teddy bear cookie I got from Borough Market.

Tempeh coated in flour and turmeric then deep fried to crispiness, in Jakarta, Indonesia. I grew up having this as an after-school snack, and now tempeh remains one of my favourite food!

Fresh spring roll from a random back alley in Pham Ngu Lao, Saigon's backpacker district. This is hands down my favourite appetizer ever! I love the texture of rice paper against the crunchy lettuce, and the nutty sauce that goes with it.

Bánh mì in Saigon, Vietnam. Bánh mì is a Vietnamese baguette, reminiscent of French colonial times.

A bowl of pho for breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with the most delicious clear beef broth and plenty of herbs.

Vietnamese Coffee in Ho Chi Minh, where the motorcycles will avoid you if you just cross the street confidently.

Three Berry Margarita at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, Indonesia.

Köln Cathedral in Cologne, Germany is the biggest cathedral I have ever seen! It was so massive that I had to take a vertical panoramic picture.

Belgian waffles (with Nutella!) in front of my favourite building, the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.

Godiva chocolate strawberry in Brugge, a pretty little town in Belgium that will make you feel like you've just time-traveled 500 years back in time.

Just a brownie in Amsterdam.

Bradenburg Tor in Berlin, a monumental symbol of the tumultuous history in Germany.

Currywurst at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

Prosciutto di Prague at Old Town Square in Prague, which was actually a tourist trap. I just couldn't say no to ham.

Trdelník in front of the Astronomical Clock in Prague, which is possibly the most impressive clock I have ever seen.

Schnitzel in front of the Mozart statue in Vienna.

An apfelstrudel in Vienna.

Simple bread roll at Neuschwanstein castle (aka the real life Cinderella castle) in Germany.

Yummy pretzel in Marienplatz, Munich, Germany.

Schneeball in Rothenburg Ob de Tauber in Germany.

Gelato at Rothenburg Ob de Tauber, a charming small medieval town in Germany.

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