This font is designed to help you remember more information -- here's the science behind how it works


Studying for exams or preparing for a pitch can be difficult when you have trouble remembering your notes.

So a new font, designed by RMIT’s School of Design and Behavioural Business Lab and strategy and creative agency Naked may be the answer to your problems.

The pair have created “Sans Forgetica” a font specifically designed and tested to help students remember typed study notes.

Here’s what it looks like:

RMITSans Forgetica

Difficult to read, huh? That’s been done on purpose.

The font was developed by a multidisciplinary team of designers and behavioural scientists using a learning principle called “desirable difficulty,” where an obstruction is added to the learning process to promote deeper cognitive processing which results in better memory retention.

During development several fonts were tested with 400 students in laboratory and online experiments, and the font that became Sans Forgetica demonstrated that it most effectively helped people retain information.

“Typical fonts are very familiar so we glance over them and no memory trace is created. On the other hand if a font is too different then our brain can’t process it and no memory trace is created either,” says Janneke Blijlevens, founder member of RMIT Behavioural Business Lab.

“Sans Forgetica lies at that sweet spot where just enough perceptual rules have been broken to create that memory trace.”

RMITSans Forgetica

“This is the first time ever that principles from psychological theory have been combined with specific principles from design theory in order to create a font,” Dr Jo Peryman, chair of RMIT Behavioural Business Lab said.

The font is available to download for free here.

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