Following The China Quake Using Google, Twitter

China is scrambling after a giant earthquake hit the country’s Sichuan province. Initial reports said that only a handful of people had died after the 7.8 quake, but now state media has pushed that up above 100 and it’s likely to climb — there are reports of up to 900 children are buried in the rubble of a collapsed school.

The quake hit a rural area of a country with limited press freedom that’s located many time zones away from the U.S. So if you want to learn more about what’s going on you’re going to have to use your Web browser. Here’s a quick media survey as of approx. 7:20 Monday morning.

CNN: Sporadic coverage via Beijing bureau, starting to ramp up as more video rolls in Lead story; augmented by a handful “ireport” use-gen photos. One by-lined story “below the fold” accompanied by an AP story about the school collapse.

Google News: 479 articles, currently led by the NYT piece.

Twitter: Search engine Summize shows plenty of Twittering about the earthquake; unclear how many of the Twitters are actually near quake-affected areas, though some seem to be.

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