FOCUS GROUPS: Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of first presidential debate

Hillary Clinton was the clear winner at Monday night’s presidential debate, according to two focus groups.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz reported on Twitter that 16 people in his focus group thought Clinton, the Democratic nominee, came out as the winner. Only six people thought the winner was the Republican nominee Trump.

A CNN focus group of undecided Florida voters arrived at the same conclusion. Eighteen of the 20 participants chose Clinton as the winner.

According to Luntz, some of Trump’s lines had trouble connecting with the audience.

For instance, the New York businessman’s attack on Clinton’s stamina appeared to benefit her more than him:

In another instance, Clinton’s defence of NATO rated better among Luntz’s focus groups than Trump’s criticism of it:

Clinton also did well selling herself to Trump voters with her answer on defeating ISIS.

Her answer on how to defeat the terror group “scored high with Trump-leaners than even with her own HRC-leaners,” Luntz noted:

Monday’s debate at Hofstra University was the first of three debates set to take place before voters cast their ballots in November.