FlyKly Is Literally Reinventing The Wheel To Make A Bike That Peddles For You

You can have your self-driving cars. Niko Klansek’s company FlyKly aims to change the face of transportation by focusing on the bicycle.

Swap out the rear wheel of your bike for FlyKly’s Smart Wheel and you’ve instantly turned your bike into an pedal-assisted electric vehicle. The wheel houses a super-thin battery for helping spin your wheel as you pedal, making it a breeze to pedal up to 20 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. It recharges as you coast downhill, or you can plug it in.

It integrates with your iPhone (and even your Pebble smartwatch), so you can control the target speed of the motor.

The real advantage here is that there’s no extra bike to buy. With the purchase of a $US590 Smart Wheel, you’ve turned the bike you already own into a formidable electric vehicle. There’s a handlebar mount for your iPhone, which makes it easy to map your route or set a new top speed for the Smart Wheel via the dedicated app. The wheel can even lock in place as a theft deterrent. And if you ever have to face that nightmare scenario of actually having to deal with a stolen bike, the Smart Wheel has an integrated GPS unit that will show you where it is on a map.

It’s Find My iPhone, but for bikes. If you’re still not sold, then you should know it charges your phone via USB, too.

The company has already successfully met its $US100,000 Kickstarter fundraising goal, but there are stretch goals at $US300,000, $US400,000, and $US500,000 that could see Smart Wheels of different sizes that glow in the dark and even have a motor brake.

The Smart Wheel is designed and built in Brooklyn, New York. Check out the Kickstarter pitch below, then give them some money if you like what you see.

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