Flying Car Crashes Into A Tree In Canada, Injuring Two

flying carThe I-TEC Maverick in flight.

Two passengers of a flying car suffered minor injuries after crashing into a tree in Vernon, British Columbia, on Friday, CBC News reported.

The pair was operating a Maverick, a sort of a dune buggy modified with a propeller and a parasail that allow it to fly.

According to CBC News, the Maverick was on approach for landing when it clipped a fence behind an elementary school, hit a tree, and crashed a few yards from school property.

“There was an anomaly on our approach to landing,” pilot Ray Siebring told The Globe and Mail. “It was just a sharp left turn that turned into a spiral, so the spiral took at least three rotations.”

Siebring could not stop the aircraft from crashing, but directed it away from the school, he said.

He and his passenger, a relative, were pulled from the tree and taken to the hospital. No one else was injured.

The Maverick is produced by Florida-based company I-TEC, and costs $94,000. According to I-TEC, the Maverick can be driven on public roads with a civilian driver’s licence, and in the air with Special Light-Sport Aircraft or Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft certification.

CBC broadcaster and producer Jaimie Kehler tweeted an image of aftermath of the crash:

Here’s a video of the Maverick in action:

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