Floyd Mayweather's fight against Tenshin Nasukawa was 'fake,' according to a former UFC heavyweight

Photo by Kyodo News via Getty ImagesFloyd Mayweather knocked Tenshin Nasukawa down multiple times in the first round.
  • Floyd Mayweather’s win over Tenshin Nasukawa on Monday was “fake,” according to the former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.
  • Mayweather knocked Nasukawa down three times in a first-round blowout, but his victory has not convinced everybody.
  • Schaub, a popular podcaster, said he had seen “better acting in pornos,” adding, “Of course this is fake.”

Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Tenshin Nasukawa has been slammed as a “fake,” phony fight.

The retired American obliterated Nasukawa in the first round of an exhibition bout that headlined the Rizin 14 show at the Saitama Arena in Saitama, Japan, on Monday.

Adopting an aggressive stance, Mayweather stalked Nasukawa from the opening bell and leathered him heavily with range-finding jabs and powerful right hands. He knocked the Japanese kickboxer down three times before the Rizin fighter’s corner threw in the white towel.

But Brendan Schaub, a popular Showtime podcaster and former UFC heavyweight, said the show was a sham.

“I’ve seen better acting in pornos,” Schaub said, according to Boxing Scene.

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For Schaub, what gave the game away was what he deemed the theatrical behaviour of Nasukawa.

“Floyd’s just doing his thing, he’s the aggressor, so it’s not as hard to fake it. But Tenshin needs acting skills,” he said. “They should have got someone to work with him on falling down, getting hit in the face, and all that.

“Of course this is fake,” Schaub added. “Who cares? But of course this is fake. Come on, you believed that?”

Mayweather has claimed he made $US9 million from the exhibition and said he is not tempted to return to a boxing ring again.

After his victory, Mayweather said he came back only “for entertainment for the people of Japan.”

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