Floyd Mayweather’s car got swarmed by Conor McGregor fans in London and had to be freed by security

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather’s car had to be freed from wild fans. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s press tour to promote their upcoming boxing match was ridiculous, problematic, and by all accounts a success in terms of generating even more interest and buzz in what many think could be the biggest fight in pay-per-view history.

At the tour’s final stop in London, the fighters insulted one another on the mic for one last time before settling in for more preparation for the fight. The London crowd was even more pro-McGregor than previous stops had been, emphatically chanting out “Ohhhhhhhh Conor McGregor” to the tune of “Seven Nation Army” and interrupting Mayweather any time he took the mic with cries of “Pay your taxes!”

As it turns out, McGregor fans were just as rowdy outside the arena as they were when the fighters were onstage. Video recently surfaced by TMZ Sports shows Mayweather’s car being swarmed by McGregor fans attempting to hit the road after the London press stop was wrapped up. The crowd was yelling and putting their hands all over the car, leading to Mayweather’s security detail to clear the way for their employer by shoving fans, sometimes to the ground.

You can see video of the incident below.

Mayweather and McGregor will fight in Las Vegas on August 26th. Until then, Floyd may want to think about driving in something a bit more subtle, or beefing up his security with a few more hires.