Floyd Mayweather Won A Half-Million Dollars Betting On A Losing Team

Floyd Mayweather BetMayweather tweeted out this photo of the winning ticket.

Photo: floydmayweather/Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is proud of the millions of dollars he’s amassed during his undefeated career.Mayweather, whose nickname is “Money”, is this year’s highest earning American athlete after picking up $85 million for fighting Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto.

And he’s not afraid to risk some of that cash either.

On Sunday, Mayweather placed a $446,000 bet on the Baltimore Ravens to cover a two-and-a-half point spread on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles defeated the Ravens 24-23, sealing the bet for Mayweather. It was only a small piece of Mayweather’s fortune, but still a hefty risk nonetheless.

To put the bet into perspective.

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