Evidence suggests Floyd Mayweather will never fight Conor McGregor in the octagon — but Mayweather does have a good reason to keep the rumour alive

  • Floyd Mayweather continues to tease a run as an MMA fighter, even though every indication is that a trip to the Octagon would lead to embarrassment for the undefeated fighter.
  • Still, if the money is right, it’s possible to see a future where Mayweather fights with UFC, who seem to be in the business of handing out huge checks to marquee fighters.
  • More likely, Mayweather is using the possibility of his appearance in the UFC to make more money off of his celebrity.

Talk of a possible return to the fight game for Floyd Mayweather has grown in recent days as the undefeated fighter teases taking a turn in the Octagon with UFC.

In the past week, Mayweather has claimed he will be applying for his MMA licence and says he’ll soon begin training with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Las Vegas odds have even been set for a potential fight in the Octagon between Mayweather and McGregor, with McGregor the understandably heavy favourite at -1000. Mayweather is a +650 underdog.

First, it must be said: to anyone strictly following logic, this is a silly idea that will never, ever happen in reality.

Mayweather is 41 years old and has been strictly a boxer for the entirety of his fighting career. He would be outclassed by any trained UFC fighter when it comes to kicks, grappling, ground game, and any other aspect of mixed martial arts that goes beyond boxing.

Add to that the idea that Mayweather might not be going up against just any cage fighter, but rather a possible rematch with Conor McGregor, and the prospect of him stepping into the Octagon goes from ludicrous to outright insanity.

Even Mayweather’s closest confidants don’t seem entirely convinced he has an MMA turn in him. During a recent appearance on “Boxing with Chris Mannix,”Yahoo Sports writer Kevin Iole discussed his recent interaction with Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s longtime business partner. Iole said that Ellerbe told him he would advise against Mayweather entering the Octagon, before ultimately concluding that it wasn’t his decision to make.

But even with most evidence pointing to the fact that this is only Mayweather teasing and trolling with no intention of actually fighting, one factor keeps the idea of a Mayweather fight in the cage possible: money.

“Money” Mayweather didn’t get that name by accident. If Floyd has proven anything over the course of his career, it’s that he’s ready to take a check, and while another boxing match might bring in a big payday, an entrance into the Octagon could prove and hugelyy profitable few minutes for the fighter.

Further, the UFC has shown recently a willingness to flex its checkbook for the right deal – a report on Wednesday revealed that UFC is aiming to offer heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua a whopping $US500 million in order to sign him to a multi-fight deal that could potentially serve as an anchor for the UFC’s foray into boxing.


If the right amount of money came along – and granted, it would have to be A LOT of money – the idea of Floyd taking part in an MMA fight or three is difficult to ignore. We all thought the Mayweather-McGregor boxing match would never happen, and yet here we are a year later, all with $US100 less to our names having bought the pay-per-view.

Still, much more likely than Mayweather’s eventual MMA career is that he is merely putting on a show to keep attention on him. As Iona discussed during his podcast appearance, as long as Mayweather continues to tease a trip to the Octagon, he can use his social channels to sell ads like the one you see above, capitalising on the interest in him in a way that doesn’t involve getting choked out by another human.

Again, “Money” Mayweather didn’t get that name by accident.