rumour: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Bet $1 Million That Tim Tebow Would Lose To The Patriots

De La Hoya Mayweather

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Word around Vegas is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. placed a $1 million bet against poor Tim Tebow, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.Mayweather apparently wagered on the Patriots two weeks ago with Cantor Gaming — the sportsbook company that runs things at a bunch of Nevada casinos.

Cantor would neither confirm nor deny the rumour since Mayweather is “a valued customer who frequents the books quite often.”

The Patriots both won outright and covered the spread, so we assume Floyd won big.

If it’s true, Mayweather is the most dedicated Tebow hater we’ve seen.

It’s one thing to grin with joy whenever Tebow throws a pick six, but it’s quite another to back it up with a seven-figure bet.

Floyd has been known to place a monster wager here and there. But now that he’s heading to the slammer for 90 days, he won’t be notching any big wins anytime soon.