Floyd Mayweather's last fight was a complete disaster and nobody watched it

Photo: Ezra Shaw/ Getty.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has fought his final bout, easily beating Andre Berto in a snoozefest, and according to the early Pay-Per-View (PPV) estimates, nobody cared.

One source told Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports that there were only 400,000 PPV sales. Another source put the number in the 500,000-550,000 range. Either way, that’s awful.

That’s the lowest PPV sales total for a Mayweather fight since he faced Carlos Baldomir in 2006, a fight that generated just 325,000 PPV sales.

For comparison, Mayweather’s previous fight against Manny Pacquiao drew 4.6 million PPV sales. That fight generated $US410-460 million in PPV revenue alone with a $US90 (standard definition) and $US100 (high-definition) price tag. This fight against Berto was priced at $US65 (SD) and $US75 (HD) which translates to PPV revenue of just $US30-40 million.

While nobody was expecting a repeat of the MayPac numbers, the numbers for Mayweather-Berto are still a big problem for everybody involved. Well, they’re a problem for everybody except for Mayweather, of course.

Mayweather was guaranteed a minimum of $US32 million for this fight. That’s a huge pay cut from the fight against Pacquiao, where his final share was in the neighbourhood of $US210 million. But that also means the biggest source of revenue for the fight, the PPV sales, will almost all go to cover Mayweather’s guaranteed purse. Berto will take home $US4 million.

There is a real possibility that Showtime actually lost money on this fight which is just going to add to the pressure for a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch.

Meanwhile, $US32 million is nothing to scoff at. But in a sport driven by big egos, it will be interesting to see if Mayweather will be able to truly walk away when his last fight was such a dud.

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