Floyd Mayweather just hung a giant Conor McGregor picture in his new $US26 million Beverly Hills mansion

UFC star Conor McGregor is renowned for his mind games.

The two-time UFC world champion has a knack for getting under people’s skins, for correctly predicting how he will defeat his opponents, and silencing other athletes with x-rated comebacks.

But his box of tricks didn’t work on Floyd Mayweather, who defeated McGregor in 10 rounds in a boxing-meets-UFC super-fight last month.

McGregor may have failed to get into the American’s head but, in a bizarre turn of events, he now finds himself in Mayweather’s home.

This is because Mayweather has a giant picture of McGregor in his new Beverly Hills house. Here it is:

Mayweather could rake in an estimated $US200 million for demolishing McGregor, according to Associated Press.

He wasted no time in enjoying his earnings as he reportedly spent $US26 million on the Beverly Hills mansion. The house includes six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a cocktail bar, wine storage, cinema, gym, and four garages.

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