Josie Harris, the 40-year-old ex-partner of Floyd Mayweather, was found dead in her car

  • Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, has been found dead.
  • Police officials were called to Harris’ house on Monday but found her unresponsive in her vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.
  • The cause of death has not been reported.
  • Harris and Mayweather had three children together.
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Josie Harris, 40, was found dead in her car on Monday, TMZ reported.

Law enforcement sources told the tabloid news publication that police were called to Harris’ house at 9.30 p.m. local time but found her unresponsive in her vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The LA County sheriff’s department confirmed an active death investigation to The Athletic’s senior boxing writer Lance Pugmire, which is a different investigation to homicide. The cause of death has not been reported.

Harris was the ex-girlfriend of former five-weight world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather. They had three children together.

TMZ reported that Mayweather and Harris dated from 1995 – one year before the boxer won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta – until 2010.

Harris told USA Today in 2014 that she was abused by Mayweather on six separate occasions. “I was a battered woman,” she said.

A criminal case against him in 2010 focused on one incident where he was accused of entering her property in Las Vegas, pulling her hair, and punching, kicking, and screaming at her in front of two of their three children, Harris told the outlet.

He pleaded guilty to a reduced battery domestic violence charge and no contest to two harassment charges and was sentenced to 90 days in prison. He was released after two months in August 2012.

In 2015, during an interview with Katie Couric, Mayweather disputed his guilt.

“Did I kick, stomp and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen,” he told her in a Yahoo! News interview. “I look in your face and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’ Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that’s domestic violence, then, you know what? I’m guilty. I’m guilty of restraining someone.”

Following that interview, Harris sued Mayweather for “defamation, as well as intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress” and asked for “a sum exceeding $US20 million.” That case is still ongoing.

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