Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Planning 'Breaking Bad'-Style Attack On Two Employees After Jewelry Heist

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being accused of orchestrating an attack on two employees who he allegedly believed stole jewelry from his Las Vegas home, TMZ reports.

A source alleged that Mayweather had the men meet him at an isolated location a few weeks ago, and when they arrived a number of his “people” gave them brutal beatings that sent them to the hospital for multiple days.

From TMZ:

“One source put it this way, ‘It was some ‘Breaking Bad’ s***.'”

There were rumours back in October of 2013 that Mayweather was robbed on the night of the Canelo Alvarez fight. He has a vast jewelry collection, and has been robbed before. In 2008 he reportedly lost $US7 million worth of jewelry in a heist.

TMZ reports that the two employees have retained legal counsel. Mayweather has not been arrested.

We’ve reached out to Mayweather Promotions for comment.

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