The Slick New Headquarters Where Flower Startup H. Bloom Creates Hundreds Of Beautiful Arrangements Per Day

H. Bloom, office

Flower delivery startup H. Bloom was founded in February, 2010, with the hopes of reinventing the $35 billion floral industry.

The company has a subscription-based model to sell arrangements to corporate and consumer clients. The model, co-founders Bryan Burkhart and Sonu Panda say, has allowed them to reduce spoilage of their product (a big expense in the flower business) and operate more efficiently.

H. Bloom is currently in 5 U.S. cities – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Dallas – and is in the process of expanding to Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami this summer.

To accommodate this growth, the company recently left its humble Flatiron offices (where they also designed arrangements), and set up shop in a new, bigger space on the far west side of Manhattan.

Have a look at its cool, new digs with a slick design and lots more production space.

There's a large lounge area as soon as you enter.

It incorporates some of the company's floral designs.

The kitchen is close by.

Tastefully decorated with flowers, of course.

Coffee options look pretty solid.

Above the elevator is a paper rhino. It's a reminder of the rhino principal – a philosophy of plowing through obstacles to reach a goal – put forth in a 2006 Forbes magazine column by Paul Johnson.

It's a guiding principal of the company. There are reminders of it all around the office.

A task that is becoming more necessary as the company grows. Co-Founder Sonu Panda (below) started H. Bloom with Bryan Burckhart in 2010.

H. Bloom will be in 10 American cities by the end of the summer, with New York as its headquarters. This is the main office space.

Emily Dubner is Director of Marketing & Business Development.

Conference rooms have urban themes.

This one doubles as the ping pong room.

This is the Flatiron room ...

... a nod to the company's roots.

The space has two floors. Upstairs is where all the designs are created.

The design team has increased by 50% since the move to the new office.

Designers produce about 2,500 floral arrangements per week here.

Stephanie Lee was on her third day of training on the day we visited.

Anna Dulevich has been designing with the company for 6 months.

All arrangements from this facility are delivered to H. Bloom's corporate and consumer clients around New York City ...

... a successful processs the company hopes will translate to all of its new markets.

Now see what another New York startup's office looks like.

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