For $200, Take A Swim With A Tiger Cub

A private Florida zoo is allowing patrons to take a swim on the wild side.

At Dade City’s Wild Things in Dade City, Fla., visitors can take a 30-minute swim with a tiger for $200. For that price, visitors also receive a CD with photos of their experience, “including action shots and posed shots in the water with your cub,” according to the website. Anyone who wants to watch the swim has to pay an additional $10.

Young cubs “love the water” and part of their training includes pool time, the zoo’s website states. The goal of swimming with the tiger is to incorporate zoo guests into the cub’s training.

The cubs are no larger than 40 pounds, which is mandated by a state law prohibiting interactions between people and large cats.

Animal rights activists have spoken out against the zoo’s practice of charging visitors for access to the animals, calling it “abusive and dangerous to the animals’ health,” according to The Daily Mail.

If you’re looking for the bargain version of the experience, you can also take a 20-minute swim with a four-foot gator for $100.

While this new attraction will probably rake in a ton of revenue for the zoo, the idea of playing with a tiger like it’s a house cat sounds extremely dangerous, especially for children.

swim with a tiger

Photo: Dade City Wild Things


swimming with a gator

Photo: Dade City Wild Things


tiger cub swimming

Photo: Dade City Wild Things

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