Florida woman accused of sneaking into a retiree’s yard and swimming naked in his pool

A screen grab from a video of the swimming pool
The swimming pool where the woman was found. NBC 2
  • A woman broke into a man’s pool and swam naked, police said.
  • The owner said he noticed her after getting back from a doctor’s appointment.
  • The arrest report said she at first refused to identify herself or get out of the pool.
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A woman in Florida was arrested after being accused of breaking into a retiree’s yard and swimming naked in his pool.

An officer said in the arrest report that the man, in Charlotte County, described coming home from a doctor’s appointment and spotting clothes near his pool.

He then saw a naked woman in the pool, the officer said. She was later identified as Heather Kennedy, 42.

The woman was still in the pool when the officer arrived, the arrest report said.

It said that she would not identify herself or say why she was there, and initially refused to leave the pool.

She tried to resist being restrained, but was ultimately handcuffed and brought to jail, the arrest report. Police worked out who she was from past jail booking photos, local station NBC2 News reported.

Kennedy was charged with trespass and resisting an officer without violence.