A Week Later, These Three Swing State Polls Still Have Bad News For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Photo: Getty

Not much has changed over the past week in the crucial swing states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, as President Barack Obama maintained big leads over Mitt Romney in three new polls from Fox News that were released Wednesday night. Obama leads Romney by big margins in all three states, with leads that are similar to those from Wall Street Journal/NBC polls released last week.

In the Fox poll, Obama holds 7-point leads in both Ohio and Virginia, while his Florida advantage stands at 5 points. 

The three states are essential to Romney having a chance to get to 270 votes and win the election in November. 

Some key numbers from the polls:

  • Continuing the disturbing trend for Romney in recent polling, Obama leads Romney in all three states on the issue of improving the economy and creating jobs. In Ohio, he leads Romney on the issue by an astounding 7 points. 
  • In Florida, Obama leads Romney by 13 points on “protecting Medicare and making sure it’s there for future generations.”
  • In all three states, more voters now say that Obama’s policies have helped the economy than hurt it. 
  • In all three states, Obama’s approval rating sits at or above the “safe” 50-per cent level for re-election. 
  • A positive for Romney: He’s winning among Independents in Ohio. A negative for Romney: He’s losing among Independents in the other two states. 

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